Advisory On How To Choose Your Nunchaku

The process of choosing nunchaku that is fit for you and your training is not easy and is always something that both amateurs and professionals worry about.


For easier choosing the right nunchaku, you should get your mind the following things:

1. Size:

  • A standard nunchaku usually take up to 28-30 cm long each piece, but there is now a trend that use shorter, about 25cm each piece. When choosing wooden nunchaku, you should choose depend on the length of your arm, ductility and size of muscle. A suitable metal nunchaku is when you catch the nunchaku passing from over the shoulder you feel comfortable, your hand reaching to about the middle of the nunchaku.
  • The diameter of the nunchaku is considered fit depends on the size of the hand
  • The combining rope have 2 ways to take, 1 round of the wrist or by the back of the hand. However, you should choose the length of the rope depend on style, use… If you take the nunchaku under Chinese or real fight way of fighting, you should choose the longer rope that is more suitable for the moves like passing, lashing, etc combining with martial movement.If you train freestyle, more of a performing way, you could choose the shorter rope for easier for rolling or harder technics


How To Choose Your Nunchaku

  • People who are new to nunchaku training should take wooden nunchaku as it has moderate weight, allowing easier performance of the basic moves and still can feel the hitting power of the nunchaku.
  • Heavy metal nunchaku is fit for people with bulked body, and suitable for real fight, self-defence.
  • Plastic nunchaku is light and fit for performing, showing technics, have higher speed when used.

3. Material:

  • Wooden nunchaku have a nostalgic and classic appearance, suitable for most people. Should choose good quality wood, with precise processing. If you have the budget you should choose the rare woods with better looking veins. Rare woods nunchakus are suitable for training as well as for exhibiting.
  • Metal nunchaku is fit for performing, showing technics will be very illusive and spectacular. Should choose the Inox 100% nunchakus as it is rust-proof, with flexible knees.
  • Plastic nunchaku like silicon or pressured plastic have high durability, low price, suitable for people who are new to nunchaku training, often drop or slip. However the appearance is not as eye-catching as the wooden nunchakus or metal nunchakus.

4. Circumstance, Location of Use.

  • girl with nunchakuIf you train inside the house or somewhere needs quietness, you should choose the plastic nunchakus or wooden nunchakus. Metal nunchakus when dropped will make a very loud noise.
  • If you train for real fight or self-defence, you should choose the heavy nunchakus, have high hardness, durable.
  • If you train to perform, you should choose the light rare wood nunchakus or metal nunchakus, will be more spectacular when showing off technics.

5.Where to Buy Nunchakus.

Should buy cheap nunchakus, or buy at shops with low charisma because if you need to fix the nunchakus it will be harder for you, take high fee or you may not even able to get warranty. You should choose shops with good customer feedback, and get your mind on the services the shop have to offer, it will be easier for you if problem do happen.


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