Top 7 Fitness Apps

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We make the plan and schedule out our daily routine while we barely follow them. We have heard a lot about cool fitness gadgets but here are some of the top seven apps that will turn your cellphone into a fitness gadget.

top 7 fitness apps
Top 7 Fitness Apps

1. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

Price: Free

Available on: Android, iOS

You can use this app while running, walking or riding a bicycle and you will end up earning money for charities. Confused? Sponsors have agreed to pay some amount to charities when some of their information is shown on your mobile. The amount generated by you may be less but if many such many bits come together then the amount will be significant.

2. Cyclemeter


Price: Free; $4.99 optional upgrade

Available on: iOS

Cyclemeter by Abvio is an iOS-only app, which is very accurate and one of the best bicycle ride tracking application. You can also use it to track runs and walks.  It has a well-thought user interface; the app records current speed, average speed, and your fastest ride. The only con is you don’t get how many calories you have burnt, but the application is accurate of it’s kind.

3. Digifit iCardio

digifit icardio

Price: Free

Available on: Android, iOS

If you are not happy with the stats obtained from GPS, then there is this app called “iCardio” that collects real stats from a heart rate monitor. It also tracks your runs, distance covered, and pace. But you need to buy a compatible heart rate monitor; expect to spend around $50 to $100 for heart rate monitor.

4. Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run
Zombies, Run!

Price: $3.99

Available on: Android, iOS

It is an audio-based interactive game. You will listen to a story while running and receive a warning like a zombie is right behind you!  Though, it seems silly but good enough to motivate you to run more. You are free to choose your own path; there are missions which you need to complete and save your “village or base” from zombies. You will start the game as “Runner 5″.

5. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

Price: Free

Available on: Android, iOS

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout coaches you through each move in the workout. You can select the intensity of the workout. Some workouts include jumping jacks, pushups, chair, and crunches. Basically, it is a 7-minute workout, and if you add warm up exercises then workout will be about 11 min.

6. Jefit Workout

Jefit Workout

Price: Free; $4.99 for Pro version

Available on: Android, iOS

The Jefit is an app that is bound to kill the use of notebooks in the gym. You can input the details after finishing through each station. You can keep the record of how much you lifted and the calendar helps you to schedule your workout days. The pro version is ad-free and with some additional features.

7. FitStar


Price: Free; $4.99 per month

Available on: iOS only

Once you install the app, it checks your fitness level and then starts the workout plans at an intensity level that is appropriate for you. With the free plan, you get basic workouts whereas with premium subscription you get more options like “Get Strong” and “Get Lean”

Hope these apps will help you to stay fit and healthy!


20 Benefits of Deadlifts

Deadlift because a strong back will support everything else you do.

Benefits of deadlifts

  1. Great fat burner
  2. Muscle building workout
  3. Improve posture and stability
  4. Reduces depression
  5. Sculpt your entire core
  6. Increases testosterone
  7. Increases growth hormone
  8. Keeps the heart healthy
  9. Deadlifts are affordable
  10. Strengthen hamstrings and butt
  11. Prevents potential injuries
  12. Suitable for women
  13. Not just for athletes
  14. Slows down the aging process
  15. It’s fun
  16. More than one squats variations
  17. Builds stamina
  18. Keeps the heart healthy
  19. Makes real life lifting easier
  20. Improves grip strength